The Community

Cat Cafés serve an important role in the community. They become a foster & adoption resource for area rescues. At Enchanted Cat Café, we are able to provide more space for our rescue partner, PPSNV, which allows them to further their missions. We also help the rural rescue partner to gain exposure to potential adopters and supporters in the Reno market.

The Cats

Cats are at the center of the Cat Café and what makes the business unique. By providing a large colony environment for the cats to live and socialize in there are many benefits. First, it provides that cats a chance to find their fur-ever home. Guests are not pressured to adopt and can visit multiple times before making an adoption decision. This allows guests to be confident that they have found the right kitty. Second, it gives the cats a chance to socialize. They get exposure to a variety of people and other cats. This allows our team to better understand the cat’s temperament and help them find the right fur-ever home.

The People

By providing a comfortable environment for guests to spend time with the cats and each other it becomes a calming and therapeutic experience. We have heard many stories of guests who come in to relax and detox. Most visitors leave relaxed and some come back often as an escape from their daily/weekly routines. We offer a membership that is a great option for those who want to visit often. This gives you a chance to visit as often as you would like and to stay for however long you would like during each visit.

The Company

We opened Enchanted Cat Café January 1st, 2022. There have some pop-up Cat Cafés and various versions of Cat Cafés over the years in Reno. We wanted to open the first dedicated Cat Café in the market. We continue to adjust the business daily to better serve the community, the cats, and our wonderful guests!

We recommend visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about Enchanted Cat Café and cat cafes in general.