Our Rescue Partners

At Enchanted Cat Café we are excited to be a resource for local & rural rescues. We have partnered with a number of Rescue Partners to help them further their missions. CLICK HERE to learn how you can support our rescue partners.

ARGONN & Precious Paws Society of NV

Adopt today

We have partnered with a few local and rural rescues on all cats that will be at Enchanted Cat Café. The majority of the cats that are at Enchanted Cat Café will be up for adoption. We manage all adoptions at Enchanted Cat Cafe following the processes of our various partners.

Check out Instagram highlights for the most up to date information: https://www.instagram.com/enchantedcatcafe/

Here are the cats that are currently at Enchanted Cat Cafe:

Here are some of the cats that have been adopted at Enchanted Cat Cafe!